2022 5 Frame Nuc with Hive Kit

  • 2-3 frames of brood

  • 2-3 frames of honey, pollen, comb in construction

  • 2022 freshly mated queen

  • Plastic corrugated nuc box


The first picture is good example of what our nucs look like. Its probably on the side of being over populated, but not yet to the point of being a problem. It could have been transported and installed into a full hive setup a week earlier. A nuc that is overpopulated can go into swarming mode. Although it may look good to have a nuc that is boiling over with bees, we find that a nuc can go from well populated to over populated rapidly. When the temperature is right, the forage is available, there are plenty of young nurse bees, the fresh queens lay like machine guns. Roughly 3-5 weeks later the population explodes. What is most important is that I assess the quality of the queen and provide you with the nuc just before that time. This takes practice and comes from experience after years of managing hundreds of hives.

2022 5 Frame Nuc