2020   3 lb Packages Italians- $125   


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Please ignore the free shipping prompt when ordering, the bees have to be picked up.

Pick up

Saturday March 28th 9am-12pm

Subject to change due to transportation and weather

All package and Nuc customers are invited to our Customer Appreciation Field day on June 6th. We want your bees to thrive. We will be giving demos and teaching our customers how we successfully keep and overwinter hives here in Connecticut.


We are personally transporting these bees from North Carolina. They will be in transit for less then 12 hours to ensure you receive healthy bees. 


This is an early pickup date. You will get a head start on the season to capitalize on our natural nectar and pollen sources here in New England.

There is a plethora of information on the web about package bee installation. Bellow is our recommendations for package installation which also applies to beekeeping in general. 

Important Package Bee Recommendations

  • You should empty your bees into the hive!

  • No shake methods can potentially result in queen abandonment

  • Delaying installation a day or two for a warmer day is not a problem as long as the package has syrup fed to them 

  • You must feed installed packaged bees syrup to rapidly draw comb and provide carbs

  • Pollen patties will help promote brood rearing and rapid expansion

  • Hives can quickly starve or "go in reverse" without incoming forage due to rainy/cold days, or an extended dearth. This is true for the entire season but a bigger problem for newly hived packages. 1:1 syrup will alleviate this problem. 

Discounts available over 5 nucs or packages, please inquire.