Addition Nuc Information

You will receive a 5 frame nuc that will consist of a 2021 mated queen, 2-3 frames of brood  and 2 frames of honey/pollen/current comb being built. The plastic 5 frame nuc box is yours to keep. No frame swap and no box return required. 

All our equipment is in very good shape. We are constantly rotating our frames through our nuc sales so you do not need to worry about acquiring old frames. More then likely all the frames in the nucs you will receive are less then 4 years old. We do not move our hives south for the winter so early mite production and small hive beetles will not be an issue.

You must have your hive ready at home to transfer your nuc into before coming to pick up your nuc. 

When your nuc is ready we will send you a text message and coordinate a pick up date. Pick up times are Saturday and Sunday mornings at 7:00 am sharp at our home base. Nucs will be taped and sealed up ready for transportation. Bringing a suit and a mesh laundry bag to place nucs in if desired.


Transferring Nucs

-Get your smoker going 

-Suit up

-Removing all frames from your hive so you have an empty deep hive body on a bottom board
-Lightly smoke your nuc

-Transfer all of your 5 nuc frames from the corrugated plastic box into your hive exactly how you removed them

-Be careful to not brush frames together and injure the queen

-Be smooth, avoid jarring a jerking motions

- Replace the remaining 5 frames that you removed from your hive by inserting them on both sides of the nuc you transferred so that your entire deep hive body is now  full of frames. Your new nuc should now be centered in the box.

-Inserting an undrawn frame in between two brood frames (as long as night time temps arent too low) in order to give them room to quickly expand and deter swarming.

-Take the now empty nuc box over to your new hive, turn it upside down and give it one hard shake to empty the remaining bees onto the top bars of the frames.

-Install inner cover and outer cover

-Feed and wait one week to inspect 

-On your first inspection make sure to check for eggs to ensure queen is present and was 


We recommend feeding your nuc 1:1 sugar syrup to help promote wax building and help grow your colony quicker. Once they have grown to 7-8 frames add on a second brood chamber for continued growth, you do not want them to swarm. Bait them up into the second hive body by transferring a frame of brood up into the second hive body. If you do not do this, the bees may not even notice the extra space you added on top of them to utilize. Feed until you have two deeps all drawn out with wax. Rarely will the two outermost frames of foundation be drawn out. Rotate them inward so the bees utilize them.

Once you nucs leave the farm we are not responsible for any queen damage. You agree that a nuc becomes the responsibility of the customer at the time of pick up. We will not be responsible for queens being crushed from rough transportation and or transferring. All nucs are thoroughly inspected before being sold. If you see eggs within your hive your hive was queen right 3 days ago. No need to worry if you dont see the queen. Please use your due diligence to protect your expensive investment. 



-Place your Nuc order

-Order, build, paint and set up equipment

-Do research, ask questions, read, read, read

-Pick up Nuc

-Transfer Nuc

-Feed hive when there is not incoming natural forage

-Monitor mite levels

-Add additional room to hive as needed throughout the season  

-Ensure hive has adequate stores for winter