Customer Appreciation Day 2020


Saturday June 6th, 2020, 10 am

Rain date Sunday June 7th,  10am
104 East Hill Rd Canton CT, 06019

Attendance is free and drinks will be provided.

All of our nuc and package customers are invited to our 2020 field day. We will be making splits, introducing queens, checking for mites and performing mite treatments. We will have queens available for sale along with very affordable plywood 5/5 boxes so you can make splits for overwintering right after our event. Unfortunately beekeeping isnt perfect. We will have problem hives on site too. Hives that are swarming, hives with emergency cells, supersedure cells and laying workers. We will give examples of each and what to do with these situations. We may touch on queen rearing as well if there is interest towards the end.

There are many ways to successfully keep bees. We will be demonstrating ours. We want the bees we sell to you to thrive. Bring your PPE and questions!